Different types of cigarettes



There are different types of cigarettes available in the market for both men and women. Each cigarette comes in different shapes, sizes, colors, flavors and brands. Making cigarette is not as bad as you think when you hear or see it, it just happened that the manufacturers and maker of tobacco knows what people like and use this as their business advantage. As we all know that cigarette is bad for our health, but for the sake of making money they create this stuff and targets young people to start smoking. So, let’s take a look some different types of cigarettes and what to expect from each different one. This is very important to know what;s good for you.


For men there are:


Filterless: This kind of cigarette has no filter, short and very strong. Since there is no filter, you are inhaling the entire cigarette and very rough on your throat. This is the strongest type of cigarettes for men.


Filters: This is basically the same as filterless but this is made with filter. You can get nicotne and strong chemicals but this is not rough in your throat. If you need more nicotine, this is the best choice of cigarette for you.


Lights: This is the most popular kind of cigarette and normally use for young people who starts smoking. This will fit just right for your throat and very easy to smoke an entire pack in a single night.


Ultra-lights: This is the lightest cigarettes that you can find in the market. This is usually use for those who want to quit or stop smoking because this is not as strong as filterless or filter. The nicotine is controlled and will just give you an enough smoke.


Wides: This type of cigarette is short and fat that can be filter or light. Most men use this for masculine look because of the shape and all men will love this cigar.


For Women there are:


Long and Skinny: This cigarette comes from pink and baby blue and they are twice stonger as regular cigarettes. This is usually use for those young girls who are out of school because it is dainty and girly.


Menthol: This is made with eucalyptus, icy, cold, minty flavor. Girls will surely love this because once you inhale the cigarette it will give you a icy feeling and menthols that crystallize in your lungs. If you want to stay fresh even if you smoke, you can use this kind of cigarette.


Cloves: This is made with clove leaves and usually more expensive than regular brands and often comes in black. This kind of cigarette for women have higher concentrate of nicotine and very strong. It is not easy to smoke the whole pack of cloves in just one single night because they are stronger and more harsh on your body and lungs.


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